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.@Twitter: Optimised For Abuse


The critics Criado-Perez refer to are as opposed to formal, legal relationship commitment as they are in favour of casual, domineering sexuality. Infer from that what you will, dear gender-sceptics…

Caroline Criado-Perez

Last summer I was the target of months of violent, misogynistic abuse. The abuse was widely reported, although the worst tweets (most of the tweets), were never broadcast or printed, because the media deemed them too offensive. This left me in the rather unfortunate position of not only being driven to the edge of a nervous breakdown from the fear and strain of hundreds of tweets  coming in every minute telling me I would be maimed, raped and killed, but also being targeted by people who thought I was being a delicate flower and couldn’t take a bit of off-colour banter, or “dissenting opinion”. Nevertheless, the media pressure was such, that twitter was reluctantly, eventually forced to act. They streamlined their reporting process by including a link on each tweet to report it for abuse, and automatically included the link for that tweet in the report form. For someone who was…

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Men who hate women


Kings for a day, fools for a lifetime…

I’m not in the habit of giving virtual airtime to MRAs, and Return Of Kings stand out little, if at all from the breed. That said, masculinity is gender and as such they certainly fall within the aegis of that aspect of mbg‘s remit. I’m not gonna add much to Scarlet‘s insightful, impassioned piece; just a linguistic note to point out that the blog’s chosen appellation struck me as apt, and revealing in a way that the authors perhaps hadn’t intended




a male sovereign or monarch; a man who holds by life tenure, and usually by hereditary right, the chief authority over a country and people…
‘Life tenure’‘hereditary right’. Sums up the reactionary values and petty motivations of damn near all of the so-called ‘men’s movement’, especially the toxic online rearguard that spares no opportunity to misrepresent, menace and malign intelligent and outspoken women and colonise their intellectual spaces.
John Stoltenberg once said ‘Pornography tells lies about women. But pornography tells the truth about men.’Return of Kings’ (the phrase, as much as the site’s content) does both, and as such presents a neat distillation of what ‘men’s rights’ are all about.
If you ever find yourself seduced by the myth (erpetrated by certain MRAs, conservatives, liberals, Trans*jacktivists et al) that Feminism is a ‘hate movement’ it’s perhaps worth logging onto sites like RoK to remind yourself what the real deal actually looks like. Compare and contrast, folks; compare and contrast….

Men will pause


I would not want to be a teenage girl or a woman in her early twenties in America at the moment. I want to gather them all to me, sit them down and have a long talk about some of their male peers that seem to have developed a deep and abiding hatred for them.

I was wondering where this hatred came from. It seems to have its roots in feeling threatened by feminism, jealousy of the perceived power of women and what they see as female privilege, which is only society slowly rectifying itself towards giving women opportunities for equality.

These young men are also damaged by the way women are portrayed in violent porn and their own early failure with girls. Thereafter, in their onanistic minds all women are bitches, sluts, whores and their role as ‘men’ is to exact some kind of revenge, preferably hit and run…

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Thank You Hater! This one’s for you…


Another nugget of genius that fell into my inbox via upworthy.com, one that ought to bring a smile to the face of anyone who’s been on the receiving end of the kind of aggressive, spiteful and often embarrassingly-inarticulate messages that deluge Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube. It’s been up awhile, and unsurprisingly, a fair proportion of the 5,571 comments on YT come from exactly the kind of morons that Clever Pie and Isabel Fay were taking aim at. Anyone for irony?

Thank You Hater! song is now available:


All profits will go to http://www.beatbullying.org/

Online aggression and cyber-bullying/harassment have been increasingly problematic in recent years: Osbourne/Gaga; Anita Sarkeesian; Moore/Burchill; Carolina Criado-Perez are just some of the more high-profile cases that spring to mind. 18 months on, Fay’s satire remains as timely and pertinent as ever, sadly. It’s as serious as it is funny, sending out a clear message to stay strong in the face of the bullies, and for that she is to be much commended…

On a related note, here’s a link to a recent study reported in the New Yorker: The Psychology of Online Comments. Social networking platforms are too often portrayed as the boogeyman, enabling, if not actually encouraging harmful group psychologies and feeding cultures of sexism, racism and general negativity and aggression. As so often, the truth is a little more nuanced than that: interesting reading.

Women’s Aid Speech on Cyber-Harassment


Sickening, upsetting and shameful. Words fail me really 😦

Caroline Criado-Perez

Before I begin, I just want to warn you all, that I will be quoting some of the messages I have received. They include offensive language and references to sexual violence, which may be triggering for some.

WAstalking conf

So I’d like to start off by giving you a bit of background into what led up to the harassment I received for over two weeks in July and August, because I think it’s important to see how little it takes to provoke this kind of abuse – it’s important to face up to how much of a problem we still have with widespread misogyny against any woman who dares to use her voice in public.

So some of you may have heard of a campaign I ran from April to July this year, asking the Bank of England to review its decision to have an all-male line-up on banknotes. (note to media, I…

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Facebook‘s Lulu app allows women and girls the opportunity to ‘rate’ the guys in their life, share the information with other FB users and recommend suitable guys to your friends. It’s only accessible if you list your gender as ‘female’ in your account. Harmless gossippy fun, or something more sinister? The writer of this Girls Globe article is pretty cynical about it, and a good few guys are up in arms; but…
Given the volume of creepy, nasty, sexist crap guys are wont to post about women all over the web, I’m not sure we’re in much of a position to get too butthurt over something as relatively innocuous as a rating out of 10 – though I’m less than surprised that some have and will. I bet MRAs will be hopping mad…
A couple of thoughts: FB and other sites and apps have been notoriously sloppy when it comes to cracking down on sexism directed towards females – be interesting to see how they react to this. And given that the app is only accessible to FB users listing their gender as female – though non-female users will, as the author says no doubt attempt to hijack proceedings by altering their settings and/or creating pretend-female sock-puppet accounts – it’s hard to predict how this will intersect with currently-fashionable conceptions of ‘gender-as-spectrum’. My understanding is that most ‘Transwomen’ come from a background of living as het men, ‘Transwomen’ as Lesbians, so I wouldn’t expect to see much of an uptake from that quarter; but who knows? And if this app lasts beyond the initial novelty phase, and gains traction as a way of sharing useful information – like which guys are genuinely creepy and dangerous – rather than locker-room gossip then it (and similar platforms) might have real ‘feminist potential’ as it were. Mind you, this may well already be happening for all I know, which I don’t, which is no doubt the idea.  I’d like to think so – I feel the potential of the www to provide opportunities for safe space and organising, especially for women and otherwise-marginalised groups, rather than big business, is its best asset. It’s potential for paving the way for grassroots democracy and egalitarianism has scarcely been tapped thusfar, but progress is being made all the time.

With respect to cyberspace, as in meatspace, men and their institutions have shown themselves as quick as ever to try and dominate thru sheer force and naked aggression; and as has been observed throughout history, criminals are seemingly the quickest to capitalize on the opportunities offered by new technology. But precisely because the web – and attendant social media – are primarily information media and increasingly, universally accessible, they provide heretofore unprecedented opportunities for building communities of resistance. Wife-beaters, philanderers and paedophiles who previously evaded detection and capture by moving from town to town, country to country might start to find their options limited. Their reputation – or lack thereof – may well precede them, and loss of social status might begin to achieve what historically-ineffectual legal sanctions in concert with wilful public indifference thusfar haven’t.

Lulu in likelihood won’t be the social ‘magic bullet’ to achieve any of this, but it and other emergent social media might well point the way.

Girls' Globe


It didn’t take time for it to make news in the men’s locker rooms after a group of sweaty, tired football players pulled out their i-phones and yelped—“what the f**k!”

It traveled faster than just some who’s-that-hot-chick thing that forms the usual mode of conversation at post-practice sessions among hefty male athletes who “just need to relieve themselves of some dangerous testosterone.”

“Hey Higgins that’s you,” cried Ralph, pushing aside a towel and making his way to a big, muscly guy who was recruited to the university a year ago for his innate ability to throw a ball. “You’re an impressive 8.6.”

Who cares if Rihanna’s ass just got bigger on screen and Amanda Bynes just passed a racist remark?

A dude who considers himself an alpha-male, a “chick-magnet” and “the big guy” just got rated on an application by a bunch of giggly, gossipy college girls who were once…

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The internet is a valuable resource for promoting democracy in an often undemocratic world; a safe space for women and the otherwise oppressed and a vehicle for their otherwise-unheard true voices. Resist attempts to close down those spaces and muffle those voices.

To paraphrase an oft-quoted Martin Niemoller:
‘First they came for the women, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a woman…’
Joelle Ruby Ryan presumes to speak for women, with the full backing of the law and the blessing of the intelligentsia. ‘Hers’ is the voice of bigotry, not Radfems such as GallusMag. Embrace the opportunity for dissent; it’s too easy not to…


university of new hampshire health joelle ruby ryan

I am writing this today out of a deep concern for the rights of women, feminists and lesbians to speak publicly about issues that effect us. Specifically, I would like to address the actions of Dr. Joelle Ruby Ryan and his ongoing attempts to harass, bully, censor and silence women and feminists on the internet, and the University of New Hampshire’s apparent complicity in his outrageous and illegal actions which Ryan claims to perform under authority of UNH.

You may notice that this week’s post -where we discussed ‘Transilience’, Joelle Ruby Ryan’s new University of New Hampshire Health sponsored video- is no longer visible. Also missing are your comments in the discussion that followed. The reason for this is that UNH’s Dr. Ryan has filed a false, perjured, harassing copyright claim that he apparently hopes will re-write all previous first amendment rights. Here is a screen cap of the post…

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MRAs, WTF!!!


Got in from work tonight just in time to read a really fascinating blog post on the subject of the degeneration of the ‘y’ chromosome and the implications for the future of mankind, and humankind. It’s not often I’d pointedly make the distinction (sexist, right?) but in this case it’s pertinent, since what’s being implied is that the latter may well outlast the former (assuming we don’t do something really crazy like nuke ourselves off the face of the planet first!) Sadly, because the article in question was posted by a radical feminist blogger, and proposed some radical (natch) ideas, it – or rather, she – was spammed and trolled to fuck.

So she pulled the post.

If you’re looking to add weight to the argument that we’re the weaker sex then well done, you did it! Pleased with yourselves?

I’m a big advocate for the internet and social media. For me and millions of others it’s enabled access to a whole bunch of opinions, ideas, stories and discussions that the MSM ignores for being un-newsworthy, of marginal interest, radical, trivial or threatening to the status quo. It’s facilitated ‘meeting’ people we’d otherwise never have known existed, let alone crossed paths with. Many, myself included, want to hear these things, meet these people; share our opinions and participate in conversations. I see a real potential fir democracy online: sadly, too many – mostly male – users see only the opportunity for bullying, harrassment, terrorism, profit and abuse. Fuck you people for that!

Five years of my life were blighted by school bullies: my opinions were mocked so I kept quiet; I was physically attacked so I took pains to avoid certain places and people, to placate potential aggressors in hope of avoiding their violence. It’s affected my sense of self and my relationships to this day. But this isn’t really about me: when I see bullying happening to others my reaction is visceral: I hate it: it makes me angry and it makes me sad. Just fucking quit!!! No one’s denying you your right to speak, to express yourselves – though judging by your antics on your hideous MRA sites someone fucking well ought to – so why spend such an inordinate amount of time stomping on other’s opinions and trying to gag their voices? What are you afraid of? Do you really have nothing better to do? Wife and kids?

I don’t even want to name the blogger or her blog, bacause I don’t know who might be reading this and I don’t want to inadvertantly send any more hate her way. On a personal note, I wanted to read the article some more: for the world at large – and women in particular – it was telling us something that deserved to be heard. We’ve heard enough from YOU already.

So we’re not immune to evolution: and what did Darwin tell us about evolution? That the strongest will survive. Maybe we’re not the strongest after all: maybe that’s why the media is so chock full of propaganda informing us to the contrary. I felt a certain sadness on reading the post, but also freed; and in awe in a way that only deep wisdom can provoke. Resigned and also lifted. It just depends how you look at things (pomo alert). I hate it when people say this to me, but here I am saying it now: GET OVER IT! I’m ashamed right now we share that funny little ‘y’. Take all that hateful energy and put it to better use in making our temporary residence on this planet as safe and rewarding for EVERYONE as we can.