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Opus Eponymous continued…


Latest DT news via Roadrunner Records

As previously reported this is DT‘s first album with Mike ‘Newkid’ Mangini as a full writing partner,  In contrast to the fanfare of publicity surrounding auditions for Mike Portnoy‘s successor which set the tone for the release of A Dramatic Turn of Events, the teasers for Dream Theater have been, thusfar, just that, giving little away (see part two here if you missed it). This third in-studio clip is a little more forthcoming, revealing some details of the new compositions:

The album will feature two instrumental tracks – one of which is the album intro, conceived as a live set-opener. Though many of their songs feature instrumental breaks DT rarely record stand-alone instrumentals (and they’ve never done two on one record before). Notable exceptions include The Ytse Jam, Stream of Consciousness, The Dance of Eternity, and Hell’s Kitchen. Ytse‘s kinda cool – the better for not being over-extended, Stream… meh! and both Dance… and …Kitchen are hard to imagine outside of the context of their respective tracklist placements. My favourite DT instru-workouts are all song-breaks – Blind Faith, Octavarium – intros – In the Presence of Ememies pt 1 – or outros – Solitary Shell but lets not be too hasty, these might be great. But wait, did I hear talk of a drum solo…

Nah. drum fill (2.08) my bad 🙂

Some tracks ‘flow into one-another’ according to (guitarist) John Petrucci (0.27) Tempting to read this as hinting in the direction of some kind of overarching conceptual framework; not an uncommon trope in prog land, though not utilized by DT since Octavarium. Such conceits were largely driven by the now-absent (drummer and DT overlord) Mike Portnoy. Coupled with engineer Rich Chycki‘s comment ‘…It’s going to be Dream Theater to the max as far as playing and songwriting…’ (2.16) might we conclude that this is DT digging into its musical past to reconnect with a ‘classic’ sound? Or DT overblown and indulging to the max? ADToE hinted at the former so here’s hoping…

Oh, and there’s a 20-minute ‘epic’ which is something the NY crew have proven – by way of Octavarium and The Count of Tuscany – they can pull off with aplomb in the past – featuring orchestral accompaniment. Prog on!

The 3 clips premiered by RR thusfar have been soundtracked (mostly) by vintage DT material. At 1.47 we hear (keyboard maestro) Jordan Rudess playing what sounds like new material; a short piano segment. Come on boys, more of that please! And when does the pre-order open? I’m excited now!

I love much of DT‘s catalog, but to be honest I’ve been playing ADToE more over the last year than any other of their albums for a long time and it just doesn’t get old. I want more!

Roll on the fall…


The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra


Came across this clip via A more powerful testament to the power of music (or the value of recycling) is hard to imagine…

For further inspiration/information on the genesis of the orchestra, the film and tour, click here


Who is scared of a big bad breast?


Women’s bodies are routinely utilized objectively in the name of marketing or titilation – to widespread indifference – yet many still flinch at the sight of a mother breastfeeding in public. Poet, Hollie McNish riffs on double-standards and embarrassment; and what does this reflect back to us in our hyper-sexualized culture?

Girls' Globe

I live in New York, and I see them everywhere – on subways, in coffee shops, on park benches, lying on their sides on picnic quilts, in restaurants while others are eating around them, in buses, in supermarkets, in department stores, on the streets. Women, pulling out their breasts from under their shirts, clipping open their bras, sometimes exposing a nipple, to feed a hungry child in the middle of a public place. I see them, and I think to myself:

How in the world could anyone, ever, have an issue with this?

I am a native of Finland, and I realize that our relationship with nudity in general is very different than in many other countries, largely due to our sauna culture which is as essential to being a Finn as 4th of July barbecues are for Americans. We grow up understanding that a naked body, or bare breasts…

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