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Dear Mike Huckabee: You do know how reproduction works, right?


Emily L. Hauser - In My Head

The original title of this post was Dear GOP: You do know how pregnancy works, right?, and it was my single most viewed post, ever, getting more than 100,000 hits in March, 2012. Apparently, though, Mike Huckabee didn’t get the memo. So I’m re-upping it.

I have been pregnant four times.

These pregnancies led to the following four results, in this order: abortion, baby, miscarriage, baby.

These pregnancies occurred over a span of many years, across two continents, and in three different homes. There were at least seven different health care professionals involved, my hair styles varied widely, as did my levels of nausea. The only constant, in all four cases, other than me, was the presence of a penis.

It happened to be the penis I eventually married, but regardless, that is how reproduction works. No matter who you are, no matter your sexuality, ability to reproduce…

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Gender Trends of 2013 – the Year in Review


The good news is that men seem to be kicking back against masculinity: the – less-heartening – news is our collective failure to distinguish the former from maleness, a biologically-inherited reality. (some) Transgenders defend their position with the same entitled-zeal employed by MRA’s. The human race moves no further forward. In one sense, the issue of gender is rendered moot: the dichotomy in behaviour re-creates the classic dichotomy in agency. Since reading Demonic Males – a well-researched tome with no pretence to feminism albeit full of insight – I’m of the mind that behavioural change in and of itself is insufficient and a more social engineering-based strategy is called for: to wit; a reversal of the long-standing mode of selective abortion in favour of males. This cannot practically be accomplished in plain sight; a degree of deception is called for, at least in the short term. Nature grants females the upper hand in matters reproductive: backed-up by history and biology: active defiance of this is the root of ‘man’kind’s untenable position as top of the tree. Gender is the problem. ‘Whitewash’, ‘Gaywash’ and ‘Transwash’ are increasingly desperate responses to a deep-rooted dichotomy that we CAN reverse, God-willing.