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*Breaking News* Lesbians stage protest of heterosexual male keynote speaker at London Dyke March 2014 , threatened with arrest


In our country we’re often bombarded by tabloid headlines by stories of how bad things are ‘over there’; how little respect they have for ‘their’ women; how little regard ‘they’ have for life, particularly ‘ours’.

Read this and weep – or not – conservatives (and liberals): this is where the dichotomy really begins; and we’re as guilty as ‘them’.

Can’t be seen to silence women – wouldn’t be politic these days. would it? – send in a drag act to mouth platitudes on their behalf. Presto! Who could object…

And I’m supposed to be proud to be British…


Cusp of release… almost.


In case you missed the memo, Opeth are due a new album in a couple months and are now trailing it with Cusp of Eternity, track two from Pale Communion:

The full tracklist is as follows (see Prog magazine for more)

  1. Eternal Rains Will Come
  2. Cusp of Eternity
  3. Moon Above, Sun Below
  4. Elysian Woes
  5. Goblin
  6. River
  7. Voice of Treason
  8. Faith in Others

On this song alone, it’s hard to ascertain if Mikæl Åkerfeldt and co have made good on their promise of a record both, ‘more melodic’ and ‘darker and heavier’ than Heritage. In the vein of The Devil’s Orchard which trailed the latter, it purveys a slightly streamlined, sanded-down version of the classic Opeth sound – rich in characteristically-sombre melody, albeit shorn of the ‘Marmite’ growls – which walks a fine line between satisfying long-time fans and signposting a sound with broader rock appeal. On the strength of …Orchard, critics might have been forgiven for concluding Opeth had recorded their ‘Black Album‘, The reality turned out somewhat differently, as we now know: Heritage may be markedly less brutal, yet every bit as challenging for that: tracks like I Feel The Dark and Famine were never likely to trouble daytime radio listeners’ ears, never mind set fists-a-pumping in stadiums.

To my ears Cusp… would have sat quite comfortably on Heritage, had it been recorded at the time. Sure, the guitars are a little crunchier-sounding but the song is still recognisably a member of the same extended family of songs sired by Åkerfeldt and Steven Wilson during that fruitful period from 2010-12 which also includes Storm Corrosion and Grace For Drowning. One might even look back as far as 2008 and Mellotron Heart for signs that times were a-changing in camp Opeth. If that moody, idiosyncratic prog rock niche is your thing, Pale Communion is likely to be more music to your ears: Opeth fans of yore, yearning for a return to throat – and ear – shredding growls are liable to be further disappointed.



Did you know it’s 50 years since: 

– the “British Invasion” of UK bands blazing a trail across the United States of America? 

– pirate station “Radio Caroline” sent pop music bouncing across the air waves? 

– the South Coast witnessed the infamous Bank Holiday clashes between the Mods and Rockers?

Whatever your answer, the place to be on Thursday 12 June is in the audience for The Sixties – a musical tribute to the entire decade that was the 1960s – a show set to rock Worthing

The Sixties 

With songs from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Beach Boys, Dusty Springfield, The Who, The Ronnettes, The Everly Brothers, Lulu, Bobby Vee, The Four Seasons, The Animals, The Hollies, The Monkees, Cream, The Shirelles, Procul Harem, The Mamas & The Papas, The Doors and many more… eye-catching outfits; an amazing live band; rocking dance routines; and news stories from these exciting and sometime turbulent times, The Sixties will transport people back 50 years. 

Phil Short, The Sixties‘ creator and lead singer, said: “I’m expecting people to be up dancing and singing along with us. Our cast of professional musicians, dancers, actors and singers will take everyone back in time, 50 years, to the blazing 1960s. 

“If you’re a fan of 60s music or love West End musicals like Jersey Boys, Dancing In The Streets and Let It Be, you’re going to love The Sixties!” 

The Sixties starts at 7.30pm at the Pavilion Theatre. Tickets are £19.50 (£18 concessions) and can be bought in advance via or on the night at the box office. You can find out more via the theatre’s website, on The Sixties facebook page ( or by following them on twitter @TheSixtiesShow 

Phil added: “Worthing has some of the best theatre spaces in the area. The Pavilion Theatre, sited on the pier, is a wonderful space to perform in and conjures up all the seaside romanticism of the era. Is it any wonder we picked it for The Sixties?” 

Phil Short is available for interview: for further information, an interview with Phil and pictures, please call Kelly.Barnes (promotor) 07853 852860.