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Sounds that have been made


Further to Sounds That Can’t Be Made and The Power of Marillion

The EPK for ‘STCBM’ has now been posted on Youtube (link below) featuring further tantalizing insights into the writing/recording process, soundclips from all the new songs and a few images of the artwork adorning the special, pre-order ‘campaign’ edition available from Racket Records. As the proud owner of previous such editions – ‘Anoraknophobia’ (2001), ‘Marbles’ (2004) and ‘Happiness is the Road’ (2008) – I can testify that these are high quality presentations and guaranteed to appeal to ‘old-school’ rock fans like myself who still appreciate eye candy to go with our ear candy. Need convincing?

Witness the moment ‘Happiness hits the doormat’ for this excited recipent back in 2008:

As for the new record, the official band statement reads thus:

“The mixes are complete and the album will be mastered early next week.

We’d like to thank you all again for your faith during the making of this album and huge thanks to everyone has already pre-ordered the album from us. With over 72 minutes of music and 8 songs we hope it will be worth the wait!

We are gearing up now for the UK tour which starts 9th September (http://www.marillion.com/tour) and then onto what seems like permanent touring until the end of the year. We hope we can see many of you on the road.

It’s been quite a journey so far and we’d advise you to be part of it!”

Find the EPK here:

And if perchance you’re now persuaded to stump up 30 of your hard-earned quids (about 47 bucks) plus shipping then heed the good folk at Racket Records

“Although we will continue to sell the Special Edition of Sounds That Can’t Be Made, only orders received before MIDNIGHT GMT 20th August will be guaranteed to be shipped in the first batch which is expected early September, so please order now to avoid disappointment!

If you only want to buy the CD in retail shops – the jewelcase edition will be released worldwide by Ear Music on September 17th. But do remember that we ship CD’s worldwide so feel free to visit us – nothing makes us happier than packing CD’s :) We hope many of you will receive it before the start of the UK Tour but that’s probably down to the Postal Service!

If you were undecided about ordering the special edition – then please know that the full length interviews and studio footage that you have seen on the Sounds That Can’t Be Made trailer, form an almost 2 hour long bonus DVD that comes with it! So don’t delay, order today!”