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British Theatre Pre-order


Manchester (UK) based alternative music duo British Theatre are set to release ‘Dyed In The Wool Ghost’ on August 20th. It’s their second batch of songs this year following ‘EP’ back in February. Whilst the combination of singer Mike Vennart’s vocals and the atmospheric ebb and flow of the music bears inevitable comparison with the pair’s work as part of Oceansize (see below), the tone of BT’s songs are generally more low key. Oceansize were one of the most distinctive  British rock acts of the last decade and despite overwhelming critical and public acclaim never quite crossed over from a strong cult following to bigger things. Shorn of the former group’s more metallic leanings these fragile, beguiling, textured soundscapes evoke Radiohead ‘Kid Amnesiac’ period, Bic Hayes ‘Mikrokosmos’ albums, even latterday Talk Talk, yet still retain an appealing character of their own.



Like what you hear? Point your browser in the direction of BT‘s Bandcamp page (link below) where you can pre-order the 12″ for £7 ($10.92) + shipping or name your price (min. £2.50/$3.90) for the download (mp3 320, FLAC, assorted nerd-friendly formats).



And check out some clips of the boys in more rocking mode with Oceansize below: