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Metal health (2): Gender edition


Following on from Metal Is Gay, another enlightening and welcome article from  Terrorizer staff addressing sexism within the metal community

On the one hand, I applaud Yardley for his, at least partial, honesty and willingness to confront – after a fashion – said sexism. I Blogged the article on homophobia he references (above) in a recent mbg post: as a longtime metal fan and occasional reader of Terrorizer it’s heartening to see exponents of that community addressing the bigotry – sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism etc – that are all too often glossed-over within a scene (extreme metal) that, musically at least, champions progressiveness and originality.
Aaaaand, yet, his article throws the elephant, the big contradiction into sharp relief: if Yardley is passingly familiar with the feminist position, enough to be gender-critical, just why does he still embrace the ‘Trans* identity? Stop short of owning up to being a fetishist, or at least jaded by the putative demands of masculinity. Or maybe he doesn’t see it that way? Maybe Trans* means something else to him? Which loo does he use, I wonder, in any case?
Still glad (GLAAD?) he wrote this piece, though. It’s noteworthy that whilst the definition of Trans* (Gender questioning/queer) grows ever broader to the point of near-meaninglessness; that the ideological criteria for inner-circle membership continue be confined by good ol’ boys club values of masculine entitlement and fear.

(This post is based on a comment I posted on GenderTrender; your one-stop-shop for gender-critical analysis and discussion in a hostile, narrow-minded media).

An extreme metal injection at this point seems apposite: Baying Of The Hounds fits the bill, I think….


Men get it… some of us, anyway


Was gonna post something light, fluffy and music-related by way of respite after my last theory-heavy post; but then Upworthy – God bless ’em – slam-dunked this into my inbox and it was too good to ignore. I nearly just ,went ahead and Tweeted it then realized that sharing it via my blog might just garner a few extra views by way of folks who subscribe to musicbugsandgender but aren’t Twitter subscribers of FB friends (they’ll get this anyway – the wonders of t’internet).

I’m not gonna blather on at length – the clip says it all better than I could have articulated with a camera in my face – sufficed to say:

  • TRIGGER WARNING – the clip expounds on Rape Culture and includes violent and potentially upsetting images and speech, and
  • It’s great to hear the voice of guys – like the commentator, and unlike the Steubenville Football coach – who do recognize sexism and Rape Culture when they see it and aren’t afraid to speak out against it (again, the great boon of the web as a platform for dissent)