Merry Xmas… with bells on!


Had a bit more to drink than intended last nite so work today was a little more effort than it needed to be. Only fifteen lunches to cook so not too much of a trial though. Thanks to my good friend Sam for the loan of her couch for the nite, and Wayne for his company this evening. Managed to catch up with Mum & Dad, my sister Angela and my lovely girlfriend Julia by phone (she’s visiting family) so all in all, an Xmas well-spent. Off to bed in a mo – work again tomorrow before a clear run of a week off to carry me on to the new year.


So without further ado here’s my Christmas song for the year, Marillion’s just-released charity single, their version of the traditional song ‘Carol Of The Bells‘:

If you like what you hear then click on the link to download the song in either iTunes or regular mp3 formats for just 79p. Alternatively, you can give a few quid directly to the Matt Elworthy Fund (or my lovely employer, The Sussex Beacon) whether you like the song or not: Matt, a resident of Marillion‘s hometown, Aylesbury is recovering from an operation to remove a brain tumour.


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