The greatest (2)


…Volume two in an occasional series

Two (contrasting) offerings from Neneh Cherry: one of my favourite vocalists and lyricists. Her tone and delivery are unmistakeable, richly-soulful in a way that too many ‘Soul’ singers aren’t and she’s apt to switch between singing and rapping in a manner as organic as it is unpredictable. Like two of my other favourites, Seal and (Marillion‘s) Steve Hogarth, she plays fast and loose with rhythm around and against the backing track; teases raw poetry from unlikely word-choices.  Progressive might not be the first word to spring to mind when one thinks of Cherry‘s music, but her restless musical exploration spanning four decades has encompassed – and frequently blurred the divisions between – electro, trip-hop, soul, rock, folk and jazz styles, much as her mixed-parentage, itinerant lifestyle and multi-ethnic extended family challenges conventional notions of nationality. Hers is a musical melting pot to dip into again and again and continually discover new and fresh flavour combinations…

Move With Me

Think Twice (with Groove Armada)

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