Men who hate women


Kings for a day, fools for a lifetime…

I’m not in the habit of giving virtual airtime to MRAs, and Return Of Kings stand out little, if at all from the breed. That said, masculinity is gender and as such they certainly fall within the aegis of that aspect of mbg‘s remit. I’m not gonna add much to Scarlet‘s insightful, impassioned piece; just a linguistic note to point out that the blog’s chosen appellation struck me as apt, and revealing in a way that the authors perhaps hadn’t intended




a male sovereign or monarch; a man who holds by life tenure, and usually by hereditary right, the chief authority over a country and people…
‘Life tenure’‘hereditary right’. Sums up the reactionary values and petty motivations of damn near all of the so-called ‘men’s movement’, especially the toxic online rearguard that spares no opportunity to misrepresent, menace and malign intelligent and outspoken women and colonise their intellectual spaces.
John Stoltenberg once said ‘Pornography tells lies about women. But pornography tells the truth about men.’Return of Kings’ (the phrase, as much as the site’s content) does both, and as such presents a neat distillation of what ‘men’s rights’ are all about.
If you ever find yourself seduced by the myth (erpetrated by certain MRAs, conservatives, liberals, Trans*jacktivists et al) that Feminism is a ‘hate movement’ it’s perhaps worth logging onto sites like RoK to remind yourself what the real deal actually looks like. Compare and contrast, folks; compare and contrast….

Men will pause


I would not want to be a teenage girl or a woman in her early twenties in America at the moment. I want to gather them all to me, sit them down and have a long talk about some of their male peers that seem to have developed a deep and abiding hatred for them.

I was wondering where this hatred came from. It seems to have its roots in feeling threatened by feminism, jealousy of the perceived power of women and what they see as female privilege, which is only society slowly rectifying itself towards giving women opportunities for equality.

These young men are also damaged by the way women are portrayed in violent porn and their own early failure with girls. Thereafter, in their onanistic minds all women are bitches, sluts, whores and their role as ‘men’ is to exact some kind of revenge, preferably hit and run…

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