Reflektor – Arcade Fire


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Lachlan J. Faces The Music

Released 28th October on Merge Records

Rock/ Alternative/ Experimental


Darlings of the experimental/alternative/hipster scene Arcade Fire are back with a fourth record. Two discs full of pumping bass, distortion, disdain, and cleverly balanced pop and noise with a large debt owing to the late seventies and early eighties work of David Bowie; pretty much exactly what I was expecting when I came into this record really. I’m certainly not one to believe the hype when it comes to this sort of artistic abstraction (as you may well know), but I’ve got to say that with Reflektor I was actually rather much further away from disappointed then I anticipated.

In fact, coming into with such a wary feeling due to being conned by so many similar bands previous I was actually pleasantly surprised by the intelligence that’s gone into this piece of work and the lack of pretentious pandering. The…

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