Skeptics Vs. Sexual Dimorphism in Mammals


Great article via Giagia which attempts – mostly successfully – to objectively assess the liberal/radical gender division. Like me, Gia’s not a ‘feminist’ or Trans* (though unlike me she is a woman, debate the nuances amongst yourselves) and strives for objectivity. There’s lots of information here, presented in a cool, unfussy manner – proof, if any were needed that such qualities aren’t by nature indicative of one’s chromosomal make-up…



Sex and gender manifest vastly different (even oppositional) experiences for human females vs. males. This is why the transgender community is almost entirely sex-segregated. For example, Trans community website and blog aggregator “T-Central” is 99% male. Cristan William’s “TransAdvocate” website, while featuring dozens (if not hundreds) of transgender advocates, only platforms a single token female, (heterosexual F2T Matt Bailey). Transgender conferences, seminars, social events and websites are notoriously sex-segregated.

Even as transgender activism, organizing, and social gatherings are strictly sex-segregated by choice, male transgender activists claim such organizing and gathering by lesbians and feminists is exclusionary, discriminatory, (and even illegal!) towards males.

In 2013 a small group of radical feminists meeting in a private home were met with a public “protest” launched across the street from the residence- organized by a male who operates under a restraining order for violent threats against the University of Vancouver women’s center. This…

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