Marillion: a healthy Prognosis


Interesting interview with Marillion‘s affable and articulate frontman, Steve (h) Hogarth on the frontpage of the BBC website today:

Marillion ‘understood where the internet was going early on’

Nice to see a mainstream publication giving this oft-overlooked national treasure – Marillion in particular or prog rock in general, take yer pick 😉 – a bit of air time; and also for them to get well-deserved credit for their early pioneering work in crowd-funding. Marillion continue to demonstrate so well how bands can operate effectively below the radar of the media mainstream and make a decent living as small businesses; utilizing the web to engage with, promote themselves and sell direct to fans.

(Fan entry to a 2003/4 competition to remix tracks from the band’s first crowd-funded album, Anoraknophobia. This track, one of 1000s of entries, appeared on the 2004 album Remixomatosis.)

(From another competition, this time to create a video clip to accompany Whatever Is Wrong With You, the trailer single for the 2008 double-album Happiness Is The Road.)

(Footage from the latest of Marillion‘s renowned fan weekends – an idea which they admit they pinched from The Stranglers, yet indubitably made their own. The recording of Clock’s Already Ticking, from which this is taken set a new record for the fastest ever concert DVD to be released, 10 hours 31 minutes, knocking 2 hours off the previous record set by Pop Will Eat Itself with Reformation in 2006.

(The aforementioned Gaza.)


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