MRAs, WTF!!!


Got in from work tonight just in time to read a really fascinating blog post on the subject of the degeneration of the ‘y’ chromosome and the implications for the future of mankind, and humankind. It’s not often I’d pointedly make the distinction (sexist, right?) but in this case it’s pertinent, since what’s being implied is that the latter may well outlast the former (assuming we don’t do something really crazy like nuke ourselves off the face of the planet first!) Sadly, because the article in question was posted by a radical feminist blogger, and proposed some radical (natch) ideas, it – or rather, she – was spammed and trolled to fuck.

So she pulled the post.

If you’re looking to add weight to the argument that we’re the weaker sex then well done, you did it! Pleased with yourselves?

I’m a big advocate for the internet and social media. For me and millions of others it’s enabled access to a whole bunch of opinions, ideas, stories and discussions that the MSM ignores for being un-newsworthy, of marginal interest, radical, trivial or threatening to the status quo. It’s facilitated ‘meeting’ people we’d otherwise never have known existed, let alone crossed paths with. Many, myself included, want to hear these things, meet these people; share our opinions and participate in conversations. I see a real potential fir democracy online: sadly, too many – mostly male – users see only the opportunity for bullying, harrassment, terrorism, profit and abuse. Fuck you people for that!

Five years of my life were blighted by school bullies: my opinions were mocked so I kept quiet; I was physically attacked so I took pains to avoid certain places and people, to placate potential aggressors in hope of avoiding their violence. It’s affected my sense of self and my relationships to this day. But this isn’t really about me: when I see bullying happening to others my reaction is visceral: I hate it: it makes me angry and it makes me sad. Just fucking quit!!! No one’s denying you your right to speak, to express yourselves – though judging by your antics on your hideous MRA sites someone fucking well ought to – so why spend such an inordinate amount of time stomping on other’s opinions and trying to gag their voices? What are you afraid of? Do you really have nothing better to do? Wife and kids?

I don’t even want to name the blogger or her blog, bacause I don’t know who might be reading this and I don’t want to inadvertantly send any more hate her way. On a personal note, I wanted to read the article some more: for the world at large – and women in particular – it was telling us something that deserved to be heard. We’ve heard enough from YOU already.

So we’re not immune to evolution: and what did Darwin tell us about evolution? That the strongest will survive. Maybe we’re not the strongest after all: maybe that’s why the media is so chock full of propaganda informing us to the contrary. I felt a certain sadness on reading the post, but also freed; and in awe in a way that only deep wisdom can provoke. Resigned and also lifted. It just depends how you look at things (pomo alert). I hate it when people say this to me, but here I am saying it now: GET OVER IT! I’m ashamed right now we share that funny little ‘y’. Take all that hateful energy and put it to better use in making our temporary residence on this planet as safe and rewarding for EVERYONE as we can.


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