Pithy and pertinent post from Week Woman. I write a lot about current affairs issues around gender and I’m inevitably informed by feminist discourse on the subject. One of the features of feminist thought that is so refreshing is its endless variety, in contrast to the conservative politics I grew up with: there are many feminisms and much lively – and occasionally vicious – debate on a multiplicity of subjects: education and employment opportunities; self-determination; violence; reproduction; homosexuality and lesbianism; gender stereotypes and their portrayal in media; rape culture; marriage; eating disorders … and on and on.
So it’s worthwhile to reflect on core values and what various commentators and activists have in common.
It’s also interesting that one poster – Yvonne Aburrow – brings up intersectionality: it’s increasingly foregrounded in modern political discourse and is certainly a key consideration – read: bone of contention – in the ongoing and recently-newsworthy RadFem/Trans stand-off I’ve been reporting on.
Check it out – do you score 15 out of 15 (or even 19 out of 19)?

Feminist check-list

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