Men get it… some of us, anyway


Was gonna post something light, fluffy and music-related by way of respite after my last theory-heavy post; but then Upworthy – God bless ’em – slam-dunked this into my inbox and it was too good to ignore. I nearly just ,went ahead and Tweeted it then realized that sharing it via my blog might just garner a few extra views by way of folks who subscribe to musicbugsandgender but aren’t Twitter subscribers of FB friends (they’ll get this anyway – the wonders of t’internet).

I’m not gonna blather on at length – the clip says it all better than I could have articulated with a camera in my face – sufficed to say:

  • TRIGGER WARNING – the clip expounds on Rape Culture and includes violent and potentially upsetting images and speech, and
  • It’s great to hear the voice of guys – like the commentator, and unlike the Steubenville Football coach – who do recognize sexism and Rape Culture when they see it and aren’t afraid to speak out against it (again, the great boon of the web as a platform for dissent)


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  1. ‘You’re not entitled to shit!’
    LOL, if I had kids, especially boys, that’s what I’d tell them (probably leaving out the swear words until they’re older).

  2. Well that’s a more blunt way of putting it 😉 Seriously, though – I do think these kind of vids/talks ought to be part of sex ed in school. At my secondary (high) school, all we got was nebulous info about different kinds of contraception, about how homosexuality was bad, diagrams of body parts and (segregated) group sessions where we’d mostly sit around giggling about wanking. Nothing about mutual respect, consent or how to make it fun for both parties. Clitor-eh?

    Most of my information about how sexual relations ought to be conducted came from schoolyard gossip, hollywood movies and porn mags (my parents were not helpful in this respect at all) so real sex came as a bit of a shock, and not in a good way, as one might expect.

    I never personally heard of any incidents of the kind reported at Steubenville, but then, I didn’t socialize much at that age, and in retrospect it’d be naive to imagine that this kind of thing hasn’t been going on forever. Unlike some, I think education has a big part to play, especially now that the sheer volume of media propaganda kids are exposed to has gone thru the roof.

    Thanks for your comment pikuthulu I’m off to check out your blog now.


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