The Raven That Refused To Sing (and other stories)


Crikey, talk about an unexpected Christmas bonus! No sooner have I bigged up Steven Wilson and touted his upcoming album release than the pre-order is live. Great timing, too – today is my payday (usually the 24th of the month, but always a little early in December). I’ve rushed here straight from the Burning Shed site, having just placed my order – you’ll get yours in forthwith if you know what’s good for you, at least, if you want the all-singing, all dancing deluxe edition (and if you’re a hardcore music fan like myself, why wouldn’t you?). If it follows the model of previous SW and PT hardback editions, then you’re looking at a limited run of 5000 copies which will sell out in no time at all (only to resurface for silly money on eBay come release day – copies of PT‘s last, The Incident (2009) were selling, or at least, being advertised at £300+). On which subject, a personal aside: I have the 10″ hardbound editions of Insurgentes, Anesthetize and Grace for Drowning, but I’m missing The Incident, so if any of my lovely readers have a copy to sell for a sensible price (I’m thinking up to £100, [k]scope for negotiation, though…) or know anyone who has please drop me a line. They’re truly things of beauty, both musically and in terms of presentation. Dedicated aficianados of prog/art rock will have immediately spotted the King Crimson homage in the form of the cover art (above: click on the image to take you straight to the Burning Shed store and pre-order your copy) which chimes with the obvious influence of that band’s music on Wilson‘s own). If you haven’t already, listen to the work-in-progress version of Luminol debuted on the second leg of Wilson’s Grace for Drowning world tour (below) and get the gen on the recording sessions and inspiration behind …Raven… here.

Between confirmation of new material from Amplifier and Wilson’s new record, 2013 is already looking to be a good year for fans of art rock. Friends, raise your glasses…



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