As a one-time bastion of truthful reportage and creative expression, doesn’t the recently censorious behaviour on the part of the BBC seem incongruous? First they quash their own Newsnight investigation and now they’re – literally – whitewashing legitimate artistic comment. This is not the way to salvage a damaged reputation.

21st Century Wire

What Do The Taliban And The BBC Have In Common?

The Needle


Before……. and After the Taliban


Before and……and After the BBC

Yes, that’s right, they both destroy great works of art in pursuit of their closed minded ideology.

Banksy, to my mind the UK’s greatest living artist (and actually, yes, I could justify that statement) created a piece of meaningful art outside of BBC Television Centre in central London which summed up just how disillusioned the British public, especially of my generation, feel right now. It was the poignant image of a young boy dropping his ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ medal into a drain. The BBC sent the workmen in to scrub it away.

Why ? Because it implied criticism of the corporation. All great art speaks, all great art stimulates thought, all great art, from Giotto via Manet’s ‘Olympia’ and beyond Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ to the present day, has been provocative.

The cultural philistines at…

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  1. Dear Friend,

    No need to apologise for mis-appropriation, as you very honestly did on 21st Century Wire.

    Nice blog BTW.

    I thought your comments were very intelligent and insightful. You are now on my my radar (in a nice way) and one day I hope to return the favour.

    Kind Regards,


    • Hi,

      re ‘misappropriation’, your understanding is appreciated – what was I saying in my last post about new responsibilities implicit in the use of social media? serial and parallel reblogging/retweeting on a grand scale makes it ever harder to correctly attribute sources; and though on principle I believe credit ought to be given where due, perhaps getting the information and opinion out there and engaging people is the priority.

      re ‘insightful comments’ were you referring to my response to your Banksy post or comments in my own blog? I’m not clear – though many thanks either way. Feedback is always helpful and a constructive, pithy or encouraging response is worth 1000 ‘likes’ or ,hits’ in my book.

      Cheers, Andy.

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