And by way of perspective… Entwistle’s severance pay after 54 days of incompetence = the cost of being a vagina-owner over the course of a working career (give or take). Feminism’s gone too far, you say…

Men will pause


A headline caught my eye today which stated that the average British woman is underpaid vs. her male equivalent by an eye watering £500,000 during her life-time. (I think our American sisters are in a similar situation).

Employers break the law for 37 years with no repercussions

The Equal Pay Act was passed in 1975 (1963 in the US). That means it has been ILLEGAL for employers to discriminate against women in terms of pay for 37 years. Are employers still breaking the law every day?Yes. Is any government doing anything about it? Nope.

They must owe me a cool million!

I’ve been working since my early twenties. Since 1994, I have been paying the higher rate of tax at 40%. I don’t have dependents, haven’t claimed any benefits and have private health insurance.

So it looks like the government/my previous employers/ HM Taxes probably owe me much more than…

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