Viva Echo Street


Amplifier, Manchester-based exponents of epic, fuzzed-out Space Rock announce their forthcoming new long-player, Echo Street, via a brief post by frontman Sel Balamir on the band’s forum:

More details and an official announcement to follow: and fairly soon, one hopes, given that the album is being mastered this week. No soundclips at present, but  fans will be expecting new and inventive variations on the band’s roadtested melange of stoner rock, grunge, prog and psychedelia.

Whether they’ll be offering an all-singing, all-dancing special edition in the same vein as 2011’s The Octopus remains to be seen (fingers crossed; they attract the kind of cultish following of rock nerds who really dig that kinda thing) but expectations for the music are high, based on the exceptional quality of The Octopus and Balamir‘s tentative proclamation that it’s ‘probably our best album’.

If you’re not familiar, check out some clips from The Octopus:


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