Blessed are the Geeks




If you’re an aficianado of classic sci-fi and horror, and cult TV, movies and music then this radio show show needs to be on your Geekdar. Wayne Imms, Kerensa ‘GeekGirl’ Bryant and movie meister James Tully are fast growing a reputation in the Brighton (UK) area and beyond for their weekly showcase of all that is weird, wonderful and obscure in entertainment.

This morning’s show marked 40 years since Steven Spielberg’s debut feature, ‘Duel’. Tim Brown, Co-Director of CINECITY-Film-Festival, and local Brighton moviemaker Jonathan Glendening were in the studio talking movies and the influence of Spielberg in particular.

Life’s Too Short actor The Shend; Sir Alan Parker; Yes/Asia/Osibisa artist Roger Dean; original Doctor Who companion Carole Ann Ford, Tom Gray from Gomez, leading film critic Mark Kermode, ‘Singalong-a-Wicker Man’ creator David Bramwell, ‘The Dead’ director  Howard J Ford and many more have featured on this wilfully eclectic radio geekfest.

And every week, Geekgirl provides a round-up of the latest Sci-Fi and fantasy news – find her more detailed adventures and introspections here:

It’s great to be a geek. Take an hour out of your hard-earned weekend to find out why…




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