Bad form


So I was shopping for cookware online the other day and Sainsbury’s had exactly what I wanted (ceramic roasting dishes if you’re interested).  I’d never bought online from  there before and like most stores today I had to sign up for an account, even though I probably won’t be shopping from there again anytime soon. No problem, the price was right and they deliver so I start filling in the form and notice something remarkable: in the box marked ‘title’ the default is ‘Mrs’.

The other potential titles available are Mr, Miss, Ms, Capt, Countess, Dame, Dr, Earl, Lady, Lord, Revd, Sir and Sis, so one can scarcely fault Sainsbury’s of not trying to be inclusive but in my experience most forms have no default. Why would they?

It rankles to think that in the second decade of the 21st century, a company can safely assume that it’s women who do all the grocery shopping. Sadly however, they’re probably right; and a notable proportion of the Mrss reverting to Miss or Ms this year will be doing so because hubby hasn’t been pulling his weight on the domestic front.

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